Integrations API Issue - Unable to Assign Missing Name Field

I ran into an issue that I think is a bug. Here is the sequence of steps I ran through:

First time configuration:

  • Configured integration
  • Selected a couple items to sync (both had a name field that mapped)
    • Note: this configuration wizard provides the ability to fix any field mapping/types
  • Synced these two types successfully

Edit sync configuration to add type:

  • Clicked on the existing sync configuration and in the dropdown chose “Configure”
    • Note: in this case I’m now using the side panel configuration wizard
  • Added one additional type to sync (in addition to the 2 already synced types)
  • Clicked “Save Changes”
    • Immediately, fibery started creating the additional database, then tried to start the new sync
  • Sync failed saying Invalid sync schema for [offer] source: Name field is not found. Schema should have field with id "name".
  • I know that this type I’m trying to sync doesn’t have an obvious “Name” field, so I opened the same side panel configuration modal and clicked “Edit Fields to Sync” (see feature release)
  • ISSUE: I cannot adjust the field configuration for the failed sync, only the types that were successfully synced

Summary of Problem:

  1. Editing an existing sync configuration doesn’t check for the Name field and doesn’t allow you to adjust it
  2. The Edit Fields to Sync option only shows the types that were successfully synced, so you can’t fix the field configuration from that menu
  3. Because of these issues, I’m unable to edit an existing sync configuration when there is a missing required field, like Name
  4. I’m not really sure why Name has to be required because we are always sending the id with the data being synced. Instead, you could easily sync the fields with the existing mapping, then use a formula to populate Name from other values on the type (after a successful sync)

Probably/maybe related: BUG: Custom Integration: Cannot include more DB's after first Sync

Yeah, looks like a dup. Ugh, the further I get into this integrations API implementation, the more I wonder if I should just build something in a workflow automation tool.

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