Individual Layouts for a node, hide fields etc

This one also could maybe be merged with another, to better collect votes:

For example, I do not need to view some fields in the entity card (mostly it’s calculated fields), because there are used only in the list or in reports.


I agree that this is something that would be useful and I assume not super complicated. I end up with a lot of calculated fields to use for filtering within views, which are more complicated than the filtering supports. These calculated fields aren’t really ever needed to be shown and end up being a bit overwhelming for new users. There have been a couple other threads with similar topics to reference and “heart” as well.

Some customizations of entity view, hiding unused fields

Individual Layouts for a node, hide fields etc


I wholeheartedly agree. I would love to see this feature request implemented!

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Glad you brought this up @Stepan_Galkin! Since this is basically a duplication of the requests @rothnic quoted, could you please be sure to “heart” those as well? There’s no clear way to know if the Fibery team is counting your request alongside those, so it would be great to get your “heart” of support to leave no doubt!

…and I can’t help but mention yet again that we have here another example of fragmented requests in this community that an organized voting / request tracking approach would solve, right @Oshyan?

One particularly useful feature that is relatively new in Jira is the ability to pin fields. Jira is highly customizable, and they added this feature which really helps when you get a ton of fields, which can also happen in Fibery, in particular as long as we don’t have Polymorphic Relations.

Some fields are already pinned, such as “Created by” and “Created date”, but to the bottom of the Entity. In some cases actually I’d like those fields at the top!



Yes, please. File this with Customizable Entity Views

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Great point Matt, we need a whole group around this subject…I really wish the team would at least think seriously about grouping requests. I know they won’t do votes as has been discussed many a time, but at least grouping would help organize this board. There is only so much relying on simply searching around in Discourse will do…

I might draw the loose analogy of using Gmail with no folders, and having to rely on search only to find stuff…

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We have this in mind as Important fields. Overall, we are discussing major Entity View re-work, that includes new 2-panel navigation, blocks, primary/secondary info sections, etc.


Ok that sounds like some exciting improvements indeed Michael. Wishing you guys big success in implementing them soon, my team could really use them!

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Yes, this is planned till public beta release.

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Bumping this for additional consideration since I see its on the “NEXT: Consider for near future (1-2 months)” in the current version of the roadmap.

Specifically, I would love to see something like Coda’s “Customize view” as shown in the Fibery vs. Coda. The Power of Workarounds post.



yeah, i’m excited about this

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I want to bump this now.

Still missing this feature. Showing so many fields can lead to confusion, especially when using some just for technical reasongs (calculation).

In Notion they implemented a simple show/hide function, which is better than nothing. IMHO a per view settings would be great.


This is in nearest future scope, right after Pin Fields on Entity View


Yeah! Great! I open a beer to celebrate this info :tada::grin:

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It is possible to Hide fields on Entity View now


I had commented this in the wrong thread, I add my idea/suggestion here as it’s more fitting:

I give an example:
Let’s assume I have a dataset of documents. There are different categories of documents, indicated by a single-select field “Document type”. Depending on the document type, I might want to see different fields, and even different rearrangements of the fields.

I continue with a suggestion:
Let’s assume you could rearrange and resize fields within entity view.

You could have any view you want, always just for this entity. However, if you could also save the “entity view” now, give the “entity view” a name, you could:

  • Simply select the desired, pre configured, entity view from the list of saved entity views (within an entity)
  • Automate entity views via automations by desired criteria.


If entity field “document type” updated,
   then entity view (for step 1 document) = A, if “document type” = X
                                          = B, if “document type” = Y
                                            else, do nothing

Something along these lines? Hope it’s understandable. Not sure if this has been suggested like this before.

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It’s possible to create Custom Relation Lists now :sparkling_heart:

(slowly improving…)

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