Include Reply-To header in message entities from email integration

We’re using the email integration to sync emails from a gmail account as part of our support process. Some of the emails are sent by customers via google groups, meaning they arrive in the sync’d inbox with the “From” header being the google group email, and the “Reply-To” header being the customer’s email. When the messages are imported, only the “From” value is included, which means we lose the link between the customer’s contact entity and the message entity.

If the “Reply-To” header could be included as part of the import of messages in the email integration, then we could easily see support queries linked to customer contact entities.

After a little more exploration of the email headers available in these scenarios, we’ve discovered that X-Original-Sender maybe be a better option than Reply-To. Reply-To can sometimes refer to “infrastructural” email addresses depending on the senders mail server setup. Whereas X-Original-Sender seems to always be the email address intended for public consumption. I.e. with Fibery staff emails, X-Original-Sender will be say “” but Reply-To will be “

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