Include Gallery View

I read on one of the blog posts that the gallery view was coming. Any estimated time frame on that?

I am also interested in what source can be used as the cover for the gallery view so that my app will work correctly when the feature releases. Is it the attachment field?


In the latest update it will be possible to see first attachment from Files section, like this:

It is not a full blown gallery view, but at least it is something.


Thank you for the preview. This is looking great already.

I know it’s in progress but it would be great if there was an option where the cover dimension was uniform and the image would adjust accordingly.

And just curious, is there time-frame for the full blow gallery?


Would love to see this, please add my vote! And like @nimesh, curious on the timeframe as from the screenshot it appears you guys have some good progress on this already and this post is about 4 months old. Thanks!

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Would love any update on this, thanks!

It’s in hold so far. We have to redesign Files component first.

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I really would love to consider an Outline/folder view for document?

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