[IN PRORGRESS] Canvas View may become the killer feature of Fibery!


It was a pleasant surprise to know that the team is considering implementing Canvas view in future. I was thinking of requesting this but thought this is too big a feature to request this early. However, I think this can be a major value proposition to prospective users and can address a gap in the market while use of various types of canvases is growing.

Sharing here few lists of canvases that are being used by business and product teams:


Miro does have integration with Jira but the native Canvas view implementation within Fibery will be far more useful and efficient.

Canvases can be configured by the user by uploading a background frame image (svg?) and the regions/blocks of the canvas may have an associated query to display certain items only as intended. Items can be dragged-and-dropped or added to the regions/blocks thereby also creating the intended relationships in the underlying domain model between the added/dropped item with the other items or a focal item.


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@Shafqat_Ullah We’ve started Canvas View implementation.

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Awesome! Will wait patiently!


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Looks so good! This is excellent.

For future, do you think the user uploaded image based arbitrary region definition and entity assignments/view is feasible? As I had alluded to in my original post above. I have the idea that it is quite possible using the already available query language.

Entity View will be there for sure, just click on a card open it. I hope we will release something in a month and then iterate.

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Tree List Component


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