[IN DEV] One-panel setting keeps resetting

Just a quick check to see if anyone else is experiencing the One-Panel navigation setting resetting (toggling off) from time to time?

I can’t say exactly how or when it’s happening but I just saw it again recently occur for another user within our organization, hence this post.

This did not occur before the settings were reworked if that is any help so perhaps the issue is related.


I have the same issue. It keeps resetting every now and then.


This has been happening to me too. And had a coworker complain to me about this earlier today. Definitely want this prioritized please.

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There’s a fix on the way


I wonder if this is linked to Input content disapears ?

Any idea when this will be fixed? Would like to use the one panel navigation.

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Hmm, we actually thought this was fixed :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you try opening it in incognito mode or disabling any web extension? Which browser are you using?


  • In general: when you switch browser, then one panel navigation toggle in preferences will switch back to off. So your settings/preferences will not be kept.
  • Further we can’t reproduce it right now. It happened a few times in a row yesterday. I think it was while opening a lot entities in a row (like: from view, to contact, to task, to subtask, to linked entity etc.) but currently it’s working. We’ll document our steps when it happens again :slight_smile:

Yesterday Marloes & I both used Google Chrome.
Marloes will use Chrome, I’m using Brave (Chromium based).