[IN DEV] Grid View Field Focus and Input Inconsistencies

In the grid view, when you press a number key while the focus outline is on a number field, the cursor focus enters the field but doesn’t inject the number pressed.

However, if you do the same thing over a text field, the text field receives cursor focus AND the key pressed is injected into the text field.

Maybe that’s by design, but I expect the number fields to behave the same way. I find myself using the arrow keys or the mouse to navigate over to a number field, press “400”, but the number box only registers “00”.

Bug? Feature? Find out next time on :sparkles: FIBERY COMMUNITY BOARDS :sparkles:

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That’s a bug I would love to be fixed since the grid view was released… I lose first digit of number input so many times :frowning:

That a bug, and we plan to fix that in this or next release :slight_smile:
Many thanks!

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