[IMPLEMENTED] Display more information/fields in collection view

It would be nice to be able to configure what fields/information about a child entity to show in the parent’s collection. Examples of extra things that might be nice to show would be labels or state.

Of course this could be taken to the next level by being able to embed mini-boards with vertical/horiz swim lanes too.


A table view showing aggregate totals on some numeric fields will be good!

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Wanted to add the big +1, a recurring theme I’ve been posting about across the community! You guys are off to a great start so far, but if this could morph into a sort of Excel/Sheets type table, where you could yourself set column width, also add some more fields which are currently unavailable like “rich text” and “collections” if there is a many-to-many relationship between Types. We really use this a lot to get more context out of related entities, in particular seeing what related entities are related to the relations, since you can show that info, too!

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