Hubspot Integration

I wanted to suggest this one for a few reasons:

  • Hubspot has a very similar in-app communication messenger to Intercom. So you could get the same Feature Feedback potential that is currently a cornerstone of the Product Team Workspace (Fibery Product Workspace) with the integration of the Intercom conversations from customers, which are later synthesized into Fibery for Feature Prioritization.

  • Hubspot has a nice CRM + Email function, so you’d be able to use those, hopefully integrating with some CRM capability in Fibery - and handle some of the ask in here around Emailing. And since Fibery itself is not using Fibery for Sales Reachout, this is a chance to integrate an outside tool that does that as I’ve never heard of and I doubt it will be as widely-used by potential Fibery newcomers as Hubspot.



Have that in the backlog, now are collecting requests to choose which CRM tool will be the first one - Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.
Noted your request :slight_smile:

Since I just read about Hubspot Integration being on the radar in the February Chronicles, wanted to flag this up again. @mdubakov mentioned also here:

the potential of the Hubspot integration.

So I have a question: Since Hubspot has a similar functionality to Intercom with an on-site chat bot/support window, do you guys plan to set up a similar integration than with Intercom for Feature collection and tracking requests? For that matter, Zendesk also has very similar functionality. However, both Hubspot in particular, and Zendesk, have reasonably CRM’s which could be also integrated into Fibery. Intercom does not have any CRM.

I’m wondering as my team is trying to use Fibery as a bonafide CRM, but with some missing features still like Email Integration, we are considering starting out with Hubspot, and integrating its CRM with Fibery would be nice. If we could also set up the chatbot/messenger in Hubspot much like the way the basic Intercom service works, we’d get the benefit of an even better integrated CRM/support solution outside Fibery, that we could hopefully integrate with other work inside Fibery very easily. This is a superior solution than trying to use Intercom, and then another tool like Hubspot for CRM, where you often have one client writing to you in Intercom, who’s the same client you are tracking your CRM activity on.

Thanks for listening!

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@Team Fibery, do you guys have any update here? It was on this twitter WIP:

But no longer on the one you published today.


Developer who started this feature went for 3-weeks vacation, so it is on hold, but it will be resumed soon.

I’m also interested in Hubspot integration. We currently use SalesForce but considering switching to Hubspot (SF is a very expensive glorified database, badly executed, horrible UX and perf) since Fibery will not be ready to be a CRM before quiet some time (no native email features or deep integration with Gmail, no mobile app, no contact integration with Google contact, no reminder, etc)


Great post @JMaynier! This is a great description of what we need in Fibery for native CRM:

and all of that stuff is actually available in a lot of competing apps, like Asana, Wrike ClickUp, etc. etc. but none of them can match Fibery’s relations and networked thought handling, as well as product dev capability drawing from client input. I really encouraged the @Team Fibery to prioritize these basic features so we don’t have to rely on an integration with Hubspot, which remains to be seen how deep it will be anyway. Ideally we could just do it all in Fibery if we just get those items you mentioned that would make Fibery itself a great CRM!

Thanks again for this post and description of the need!

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