Hubspot Integration

I wanted to suggest this one for a few reasons:

  • Hubspot has a very similar in-app communication messenger to Intercom. So you could get the same Feature Feedback potential that is currently a cornerstone of the Product Team Workspace (Fibery Product Workspace) with the integration of the Intercom conversations from customers, which are later synthesized into Fibery for Feature Prioritization.

  • Hubspot has a nice CRM + Email function, so you’d be able to use those, hopefully integrating with some CRM capability in Fibery - and handle some of the ask in here around Emailing. And since Fibery itself is not using Fibery for Sales Reachout, this is a chance to integrate an outside tool that does that as I’ve never heard of and I doubt it will be as widely-used by potential Fibery newcomers as Hubspot.


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Have that in the backlog, now are collecting requests to choose which CRM tool will be the first one - Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.
Noted your request :slight_smile: