How to create Calendar View? What i need for it?

I have a Calendar view in a Task App.
I can duplicate this view (only inside Task App, off cource)
But i can not create new view of this type in other Apps.


We decided to hide Calendar View for the next couple of months. Fibery is in “release it” mode and we polish or hide all parts of the system. Mostly polish though… Does Calendar View important for you?

Yes, Calendar View is very usefull for tasks with exact deadline!

And a few words about Timeline View.

We need to select week-period (middle between months and days), it is very important.

There is currently no zoom for more than 30 days on the screen. I would like to display only the current week.

And dynamic zoom with mouse wheel will be perfect solution for changing period to view.


Calendar view is good for showing due dates and milestones. Or for instance, showing how many support tickets come in on a given day of the week.