How can I get emails to show up more frequently than once per hour?


We are using fibery for a number of things and enjoying it greatly. The latest thing we have implemented is a ticketing system , with a contact alias connected via IMAP / POP3. The problem we have run into is new emails should reflect in the incoming database, but this requires our manual interaction, else there is 60 minutes between refresh. It looks like we may need to build some middleware to handle this, but it would be great if there was a built in way - or if others have tackled this issue and can share info.

Anyone successfully implemented email integration with refresh time <30 mins?

As Fibery starts to expand from being a mostly “one-way synced data viewer” to a “bi-directional synced data interaction system” (i.e. sending emails, etc.), it seems like at least some integrations will need to get the option for much more frequent sync. Email is a clear example, and perhaps in the future e.g. Intercom, Hubspot, etc. as well. The integrations might need to get smarter for this to work well as last I recall they do a full update of the remote data every time, at least for some integrations (i.e. not “just changed data”).