Fields Customization on Entity Trees

I’d like to pick the fields displayed on cards in the Entity View on whiteboards. Since field customization has already been done for single entity views, I’m assuming this would be relevant.

This is actually something I’ve tried to do many times before - either displaying cards and trees in Miro and Murally from Asana/Notion/Jira or some variation of it (I’ve even tried dropping cards in Figma :cold_face: ). A lot of executives I work with are very mosaic thinkers and like to see, generate and organize information visually in an organic whiteboard format, but we still need dynamic structure to represent existing work and plans. So the entity tree solves this - it’s quite brilliant and I love it. But not being able to customize cards in the tree view really limits its usability as there’s vital context missing, especially around date/time fields relating to effort and deadlines. Plus simple things like not being able to turn off the database badge/label on cards make for noisy cards when the column format is already known.

There was a previous request already of sorting, so if this feature request was paired with sorting, then entity trees could become far more powerful and usable.

Previous mention of fields on Entity Trees

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Super excited for this update and looking forward to seeing the fields option added to the entity tree.
I’d like to see the whiteboard view create a true OKR tracker that automatically models the relationship between results and objectives.
If we could add fields to the entity trees, we could pull this off without manually adding each objective and result to the whiteboard.

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We are working on update for Tree view, units will be included for sure.