Fibery workspaces integration

Hello guys,

probably, there is already a solution out there - but unfortunately I couldn’t find it here in the community posts.

I’d like to ask you if the data from multiple Fibery workspaces can be integrated?
F.e. I’d like to integrate another Fibery workspace and create a data relation to one of the spaces/entities in that workspace.

Is this possible?

Thank you!


What use case you want to solve with this?

Thanks for the fast response.

Case A:
Company for some reasons is using multiple workspaces (instances) - f.e. because different headquarters (worldwide) need their own workspaces.

Case B:
Subsidiaries of an enterprise use different workspaces.

Case C:
A partner organization or agency is working with Fibery in their own workspace.

There are many use cases.
And as far I understand, you support multiple workspaces.


We don’t have this at the moment. It is relatively easy to implement if you need one-way sync, like from many Fibery instances into a single Fibery instance. In this case we can create a connector that will fetch Data from many workspaces and you will be able to setup relations to link them.

However, we are not jumping into implementation since the demand is low. We have few requests, but not so many.

As for duration, it will take 2-3 weeks to implement.

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Thank you, Michael.

In my personal opinion - this is one of the features which are essential for the enterprise maturity of the tool (+ higher granularity in the permission control, + permissions/filter in Relations setting).

But you’ve already created an incredible tool.
As an Atlassian Expert and a Knowledge Manager I have to say: awesome!

Спасибо за невероятную работу.
Пахне чабор! :wink:

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I think some of these use cases can be solved reasonably well with suitable permissions.

But I also think there is also a similar, but different need, which is the ability to carve out parts of a workspace to become a new workspaces.
So an agency could develop a set of linked spaces for a client within the agency’s sandbox, and when the client is happy, these can be shared as connected spaces for use in the client’s new workspace.
At the moment, it’s only possible to share a single template or the whole workspace, unfortunately.


Thank you :slight_smile:
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