Exported backup

Similar to Backup entire workspace?, but not the same thing.

I would want to have some way to backup data myself—at least export data of certain ‘Views’, like ‘Board view’, so it doesn’t need all the interconnected data/relations that it links to.
I my particular case I would only need the data it is currently displaying.
Good to see that charts view has export in various formats so far.

I’ve come to understand it is a relatively new service/platform, and I (really) want to move from our current system to this as it is 100% what I needed. However, I must be prepared for disaster with some of this data at least return.

Will be trying to set up my use cases in the meantime and try run this system in parallel.
So far I have managed to replicate one aspect (what you define as an App), and it is much more intuitive than our current.

Currently using free plan to get to know the system, looking forward to upgrading when ready.

@Haslien You can export data from Table View, just find Export Table action in top right corner. It will export visible data in a table as CSV. Is it enough?

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 14.03.29

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Yes! This works nicely :slight_smile:Thank you