Entity-level permissions

I’m certainly missing a possibility to limit user access to a particular entity.

Some examples:

  • a user can see releases, features, stories and bugs only from those projects, assigned to the user’s team
  • I’d like to have multi-organization setup and have no concerns, that users will see goals or product plans not owned by his organization
  • while keeping task app for everyone, I’d like to create a subset exclusively for myself
  • I’d like to be able to limit visibility of certain entities to certain subsets of users
  • I’d like to create private boards for experimenting

Thanks a lot!


Yes to this. As of 24 Aug 2019 the permissions are app level only. That means, I can assign users to either see or not see an app. What I need is, for instance, if I make a folder in the wiki, I want to make that read only for most of the team, except for a couple people. I would use this for documents that should not be edited by just anyone, that the company is legally required to maintain and make available, like “rules of employment”.

@mdubakov, Interested in how close the implementation of this feature is planned in the roadmap? It is very important feature for our team. It is second priority after UI feedback speed for our needs.

By the way, where can I see the current roadmap?
Maybe you should consider writing a roadmap on a published Fibery board?

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We don’t have a roadmap right now, since public release will definitely affect it and change all the plans. Most likely it will appear near Jan. It means Entity-level permissions schedule is unclear at this moment.

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+1 here. Would need entity level permissions to map sensitive processes like 1:1s, performance and salary reviews.


Updates on this?? It’s a big reason my team is skeptical.

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Hey Guys, I don’t mean to pile on but since we have some activity here from @julian, I would like to add my vote. I would be happy with Type-level permissions if that was easier. Ultimately, Entity-level is superior.

Just for some context, I really like apps like Wrike, Asana, ClickUp, and some others that will add you as a share/viewer when you comment @ a particular user.

I would also love to see this feature come along at a similar time:

Thanks guys and keep up the great work!