Email integration / email to item + filter comments


  1. Is there a way to send emails from Fibery and have all the exchanges appear in the Comments section, for instance?

Alternatively, does each item have an “email address” so that I can forward emails to items and have them attached somewhere?

This is an absolute must-have feature if I’m going to be using Fibery as a sales CRM

  1. To expand on that : it would be great to be able to filter the comments section based on activity type (comment, mentions, emails, or even phone calls if you’re going to integrate with tools like Aircall or Ringover in the future). Something similar to what Pipedrive does. This is maybe less critical than 1) but would be a big help.
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Big +1 for your first feature request!
Adding comments to an entity via email is an important feature for CRM AND for ticket related communication with external folks

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