"Due Date" type of Date option - perhaps Extension?

Hi Guys,

As I move forward in Fibery, I am realizing more and more that unlike some of the other “nocode” stuff like Airtable, Notion, Coda, etc., Fibery shines in that it is built for Work Management, unlike those tools. You guys have some features here that are geared towards that, such as Workflows. In those other tools, there is no such concept. But this is a big benefit with Fibery as Workflow is such an essential piece of Work Management

I have found that I can see a need again and again for another essential part of Work Management - the concept of a due date. Currently you have to use filters and colors to show an entity is overdue. I think if you guys could build in a little more native handling of a “due date”, there would be great use here. This could firstly bring simple viewing across all areas of Fibery overdue items, very important. Down the road with dependencies and other features connected with planning, due dates would be very useful.

Hope that’s helpful guys and curious to get your thoughts on this!