[DONE] Seeing "Closed" Entities grayed out in Search Dialog

Hey, yes absolutely we really need better filters in those dialogs!

I have now changed this to simply “show the grayed out done items as such” in the Search Dialog. I would really like to see this as it’s a tremendous help when glancing through lists of entities. We have it via Strikethrough when linking Entities, and of course the “gray” effect in various views. So I’d simply like to see as the entity list pulls up, which are in a state that’s considered “final,” and which aren’t.


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We have in mind both Sorting and Filtering Search, but not sure about ETA at all.
Noted the request :sparkling_heart:


Hi again guys, I’d really like to bump up my request here. As my Fibery instance grows, it is getting confusing to try to distinguish what has been “done” and what hasn’t when searching for Entities. We use a lot of “close-able” type entities like Tasks, subtasks, projects, interviews, etc. The problem is, as the Fibery instance grows, there are more and more situations where task names are similar to one another, like “Refactor the Code” which could appear in similar variations again and again. Would be terrified to see the Public ID when searching, but if “done” entities showed as gray, that would help tremendously the flow around Fibery. Without this, often we have to guess if an entity is done or not, which means linking, then clicking to see its state, and potentially deleting and going back if it is not the State we thought it was.

I want to add that right now, I’d prefer just seeing the entities “gray” when you hit “Ctrl” + “K”, or when searching inline with “#”. The filter discussed by @Oshyan is also useful, but I’d like to be able to “quick and dirty” just glance and see what’s done, what isn’t, without having to do extra clicks with a Filter. And by the way, the fact that you guys allow for multiple “done” status is terrific, too!

The “graying out” of done entities is one of my favorite aspects of the Fibery UI - you guys did great work with this. Very useful when searching in Collections and we leverage this a ton. So I’m really hoping it’s not a huge amount of dev to port over that same functionality to the search dialog.

Thanks for considering!

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Hey guys, wanted to bump this again. It is getting more and more needed with each week as my team uses Fibery and goes one thousands plus entities in certain Types. I also wanted to point out that it would be enough to simply implement the solution that we have in the Collections area in Entity Cards: If you start typing there, all “done” entities are shown greyed out, plain and simple.

You can see here the “done” entities in this example:

I fully support @Oshyan 's greater request around this stuff here, but just this very simple improvement would go a long way towards quality of life when searching and trying to avoid closed items. I can’t be sure about the inner-workings of Fibery technically in the backend, but since showing “greyed out” done Entities is so prevalent around the Fibery app elsewhere, I’d really hope the team could add this into search without needing to do the extra work around much of the other more complex requests for search improvement.

I need this so bad that I shifted my vote over here away from Oshyan’s request. Sorry bud, wish I had more votes :slight_smile: !

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Hah, no worries, I understand. Personally I think grayed-out would be only a minor help for me, but if it helps you a lot, then great! It does seem like the simpler, sooner thing to implement, so I do hope it gets prioritized (assuming it’s as quick to do as it seems like it ought to be).

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Great, good to get your response as always!

By the way, as you and I have chatted a bunch about Fibery usage, my team - while not expanding much the last several months so it’s not a lot of people - has been using Fibery non-stop in that time. In fact we have been busier working in Fibery, vs. configuring it, and thus that has cut down some my participation in here, which I hope to get back to soon, as a lot of good stuff to dive into!

Bottom line - Fibery is doing it for the most part for us these days, to the point that I don’t have much time to post in the forum!


That is great news! And I hope that is more and more true over time. I’m pretty excited by Fibery’s overall trajectory and current work goals. It’s not everything we hope for yet (e.g. Polymorphic relations. When creating relation, ability to have entire App from which to choose, and not just Type :laughing: ), but I do feel what they’re focusing on will be really helpful. And hopefully will create a stronger basis to do other work like that.

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Just wanted to bump this again. We are using Fibery heavily these days, and as Entities proliferate, we could really use being able to see what’s “done,” and what isn’t, when searching. We have a lot of task-type DBs/Types, so we extensively move entities through workflow. And a lot of Entities have similar names such as “check the status of the update” and when you have 8 - 10 such entities showing up in search, of which 7 are done, but you can’t see that, it’s a real loss of time to have to sift through each to find the correct one.

I will say that thankfully public ID"s are visible in the search dialog, which give you a chance to “deduce” which are the newer entities when searching among those that are similarly named.

Thanks for the continued consideration of this guys! Really hoping you can squeeze in getting this done as it seems like it shouldn’t be a ton of work since you already have the capability inside Collections. Would be happy if this got done via Filter “closed” entities (by default?) in all searches as well!


Hi there!
That is still a part of the Entity View redesign, which is a part of the Blocks initiative we’re currently working on :slight_smile:
So thanks for the bumping, hope soon we wold see some progress :sparkling_heart:


Guys, I wanted to check in on this. Curious if @Oshyan , @Illusory @helloitse, @Matt_Blais @webinit and other vets in here (sorry for oversights anybody :grinning:) any of you are seeing this simple need? I have a bunch of “task” type entities, basically items that are retired, but when searching, it is hard to figure out which are closed and which aren’t because you can only see db type, public ID#, and name. If we could simply transpose the functionality that already exists when using the drop-down in entities searching for one-to-one relations.

If you look at this example, I’m showing with these arrows the closed entities, they are grayed out. There is no other info in these drop downs aside from entity name and the relation directly icon.

Since you guys have already developed this in the back end, I just wanted to ask if it would be something you could add into the search dialog relatively painlessly so at least closed entities could be identified there? I don’t mean to assume any of your back end systems can be simple ported over to another area just like that, obviously I don’t know specifics and this could be hard or too much of a distraction, even though you’ve developed this capability here in the relation dropdown. Again, I am asking because it’s an increasing problem with each passing week and month as the Fibery instance grows.

Thanks guys!


One zillion percent agree! Now that I am using Fibery for both work and personal tasks, this problem has certainly accelerated for me. :sweat_smile: I can’t imagine what it’s like for even moderate-sized dev teams, etc. who have potentially 100s of tasks/bugs/etc. per week/month. I’d really like to see the Search get some love! It’s great that it’s fast but it is increasingly seeming a bit primitive compared to other tools.


That’s the worst screen shot I’ve seen! :slight_smile:

One work around would be to convert the Name field for your tasks to a formula so that all task names begin with the word “Open” or “Closed” or whatever the state may be.

So, for example, your task names might be:
Closed: Redesign website
Open: Deal with returned packages

That way you can just type into the one-to-one field the word “Open” and all you will see are all of your open tasks. The closed tasks will be hidden from the list.

I think I misunderstood you @B_Sp. I thought you were referring to selecting an entity from a one-to-one field.

But the same principle applies when searching.

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I agree that this feature is long overdue. I will talk to developers about it today.

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haha, yes sorry, I was writing in a rush and didn’t realize I’d already put in a good screenshot at the start of the thread!

And fantastic to hear from you on this @mdubakov !! Again, I don’t want to presume anything about your guys’ stack in the back end, but since the capability already exists, I was just hoping it could be applied to the fundamental search. There have been a few notable other times you guys came in and on a one-off basis solved a need that I in particular found extremely useful, I applaud you for keeping an eye on the community and stepping up like this time and again:

We gave up and added this... pic.twitter.com/fxsrZeOjFz

— Fibery 🧶 (@fibery_io) April 30, 2020

Everytime I play around with Notion within seconds I get frustrated because I can’t simply close a box like I can in Fibery!

As well as this time:

This is a huge help, makes references much more effective for me team!

Thank you again guys!

Hey @mdubakov , were you guys able to try to get this into your dev funnel for quicker release? Still have tens of situations daily where I could really use it, stuff like recurring projects, “refactor the code” tasks, “write a project plan” tasks, etc.


Implemented in latest release


Very happy to see this, a big help and improvement in quality of life while working in Fibery!!