[DONE] Query Block Support

When we have a many relationship on an entity, we get this nice block on the entity description page.

First request: it would be awesome if we could change the sorting and grouping of these items.

Second request: if would be even more awesome if we could add these blocks arbitrarily with our own queries.

If I understand your request, then both of these things are coming, more or less.

  1. On Entities, the Relationship views are being replaced with fully functional Tables I believe.
  2. The [IN DEV] Migrate Entity View to Blocks effort will allow embedding multiple types of Views into an Entity, and these could have their own filters, etc., or “queries”.

Yes, indeed, there is an item in progress that will deliver most, if not all, of this:

It will turn the collection into a ‘relation view’ with support for filtering/sorting/colouring, as well as hierarchical lists (showing levels below the first level of the relationship).
I wouldn’t say that it would allow ‘arbitrary queries’ but it will certainly allow a lot more functionality than is currently possible.

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As @Oshyan says, the migration to blocks will allow more generic embedded views on a per entity basis, in addition to ‘relation views’.

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Yes, though to be clear, since @rawkode mentioned RoamResearch, Fibery doesn’t do that sort of in-line arbitrary query and filtering thing. But if you can do what you want right now with any existing View (table, list, etc.) and the available Filtering, Sorting, etc., and you just want to be able to do that in an Entity, then yes you’ll be able to embed that into an Entity or really any Rich Text.

Some good news - Relations Lists to the rescue :sparkling_heart: