[DONE] Navigation: Keep main View opened in a left panel when opening an entity

+1 to everything in the comment above.

Generally multi panel is great, but it can be a bit annoying when you are opening an entity to simply set a single field or you need to quickly get somewhere else to find some information without losing context.


Timeline view => the timeline disappears, context is lost.
Board view => the entire board disappears, context of the column is lost.
When viewing a linked entity from an entity

Perhaps it would be nice to be able to control how the entities open for the view, or perhaps have a modifier key, e.g. alt click to open the entity as a popup. Or perhaps these views haven’t been implemented yet.

Really looking forward to seeing the next iteration.

And my final comment, is on my 30" monitor the world is great, on my small laptop screen things are bit more tricky.

When I really intend to use a view and not navigate much, I do miss being able to quickly click between items in the view. It seems the current multi-pane mode always opens the item in a more full page view. It seems like you could wait until you click on a reference to a secondary item in the current production sidebar view before you push the panel over.

How I’d rather view an entity directly in the current view

What it should look like only after clicking on a reference within that sidebar panel

What it currently looks like when clicking on an entity from the board view. This gets in the way of clicking between entities quickly.


Implemented for Board and Table View (Timeline and Calendar remain) CHANGELOG: March 23 / Many-to-many relations in Lists and Smart Folders, Open Entities in panel from Board & Table View

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