[DONE] Multi-panel context-preserving navigation

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I agree with the feedback re: first-clicked entity not necessarily opening in “full view” at first. But it also raises the question of whether this new nav paradigm should completely replace the old, or if there should be an explicit way to enter one or the other mode, either on initial click (e.g. like current Alt-Click can get you into internal settings in certain places, vs. regular click for Open), or as an option after click, or an adjustable default (per-user probably). I can definitely imagine times when I want one or the other behavior, and personally my preference would be to be able to determine that dynamically at click time, i.e. when I decide to open an entity I can do so either in “full screen” or in “multi-panel” modes…

Also, a minor issue, the “expand” option for Rich Text fields doesn’t really make sense/do anything useful in the multi-pane nav anymore.

Just saw this demo of Craft Docs and how it handles multi-pane nav. Interesting inspiration/example:

It’s a bit of different approach, they are using native iOS split screen windows :frowning:

I used it a bit and I like it. I don’t like the native scroll bar, maybe using your own scrollbar for this, transparent one and only for the scrollable content, for ex. the colored header remains fixed but the scrollbar is for the full height.

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Now you can enable Panel Navigation in Experimental Features menu:

2021-12-24 14.22.52


As a big fan of Google’s old “Labs” features, I am glad to see this area (Experimental) added to options. I hope more in-dev things get added there! I am enabling it now. :slight_smile:


I second @Oshyan. It is great to be able to try experimental features like this! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone :hugs:


Love the experimental feature option.

Don’t really like those 2 white spaces when the header is sticky, looks weird: Annotation on 2021-12-31 at 00-33-05.png - Droplr
Maybe go with your own scrollbars and limit the top of the scrollbar and left bar with vertical text up to the header area, not over it.

Headers will be re-designed as well.

And here are panels (still in progress)


btw, i notice that colored headers are removed, so much cleaner now, much better! Is there a way i can enable experimental feature of fields on the main side of the view?

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So far it is just a design prototype, it is not started.

Might coloured headers be a configurable thing? The use of colour is quite strong but also does help to anchor what entity type is being viewed. Appreciate this may add complexity though…

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the colored labels on top are enough for me to differentiate Screenshot on 2022-01-06 at 17:27:42.png - Droplr
The colored headers was too much for me liking

I agree with that. I both like the way it looks now, and find it visually useful without being distracting.

A problem I had with coloured text sometimes was the readability of it. The current design allows for easy reading of the labels and scanning using the coloured boxes.


I have been using the multi-panel layout and really find it amazing :star_struck: So thanks for prioritizing this and making it available as an experimental feature.

I am not sure if this is the best place to offer improvement suggestions (please let me know if I should create separate feature requests), but here are current thoughts to make this feature even better:

  • Ability to adjust the panel widths. Currently both views are sized to be equal and on some smaller screens this could cause some problems when you only need one of the views as a quick reference. Being able to drag and adjust the vertical divider would be very helpful
  • Ability to reorganize the open views. There is a logic to how entity views are organized but sometimes it is useful to be able to reorganize the order of the open entities
  • A button to open an entity view in a brand new browser tab. While the multi-panel is very helpful in keeping tabs to a minimum, there is sometimes a need to undock and open an entity in its own tab. This is not a big deal because you can copy the entity URL from the header but it would be a great addition.

I will try and add more ideas as I use this more.


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Released today

I had assumed Middle-Click or at least Ctrl-Click would allow this, but nope! Ctrl-click is close, but it opens in “context-preserving” mode, i.e. the entity view opens alongside, not in a dedicated, full view. I would rather consider that a bug, though I’m not sure how easy it is to solve.

Thanks for pointing out the ctrl+click option. I use that quite often for clicking on inline entities.

What I was thinking is that sometimes you have an entity view open and you realize it would be better to open it separately. I thought adding another button to the top row might be the easiest way of ‘undocking’ the entity view from the current tab:


I actually didn’t know about the middle-click. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work work me. Where can you use the middle click to interact with entities?

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