Domain-wide Gmail Google Workplace Fibery Email Integration Setup?


I want to setup email integration for my team… looks like there should be a way to do this domain wide via API from Google’s end.
Ideally, I would have them routed to a few different fibery inboxes, based on the folders/labels assigned in Gmail (ie. Sales tags go to a sales inbox, accounting to accounting inbox with automations setup to create tasks assigned based on labels)

Is there an easy way to do this?


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It’s not possible to set up a domain-wide email sync into Fibery.

You can have as many email integrations into Fibery as you like, but they need to be set up one at a time, by the email account owner in each case (or at least someone with permission for the account).
I’d recommend using a separate space for each
When configuring the sync, the specific folders (= tags) to be synced can be chosen.

Be warned though, any admin will be able to see any synced messages, even if he/she wasn’t the person who established the sync.

Of course, if you’re syncing non-personal accounts (e.g. maybe this isn’t an issue.

So if I want to essentially setup collaborative email spaces, I need to setup each user independently for each space?

Say, I want a sales, operations, & accounting to each have their own workspace inbox, I would need to configure each one independently & add each user to each one (in my case, I would need to add myself to all 3).

A domain admin/super user should be able to configure full integration somewhere so that each user doesn’t have to manually do the setup.

How does something like Salesforce or Hubspot handle their integration with Gmail?

Think of it as a bit like setting up IMAP access to an email account.

You need to set up an integration for each unique email address whose messages you want to sync into Fibery.

Anyone who has access (knows the password for, or can create an app password for) to a given email account, can set up the integration for that email address, but the integrations need to be done one at a time.

If you have password access to an email account (whether it’s a colleague’s account or a non-personal account) then sure, you can set it up on their behalf.

Once the messages for each account are syncing into your Fibery workspace, it’s up to you (the admin) to decide which Fibery users get to see which email accounts from within Fibery.

If you wanted, you could integrate and then grant access to Steve (and block access for Dave).
Fibery does not sync the email account’s permissions.

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And just to be clear, email integration is a read-only sync.
If you want to send emails, you would need to use the send email action (from within a button or automation rule).

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