Does anyone know the entity limit for a workspace?

I’m working with a client that has a larger data set and they’d prefer not to move into a tool just to hit the limits. Has anyone run out of rows in a table/workspace?

@Polina_Zenevich Would you happen to know wow many entities can we have?

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I started running into performance issues somewhere between 10k and 100k entities. I think the performance problem I encountered might have been made worse by having relationships and calculated fields associated with it. So, from what I can tell, it might be a combination of the number of entities and relations that might start causing problems, but I haven’t seen a specific number mentioned. Fibery says they have 10-20k of one type IIRC.

See discussion in Usability and Performance Issues with Zendesk Integration

Once I stopped syncing the Users type from zendesk, I stopped having performance issues. I believe the integrated types like this utilize auto-relations, which is what I suspect was causing problems between a largish Zendesk Users Type and largish Zendesk Tickets Type.

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It depends on usage patterns.

For example, Board View will survive with 10K entities, but will be slow. Table View will be OK. Report will be fine as well.

For 100K entities Board/Timeline View will die. Table will be still OK. Report will take several minutes to display.

It’s more about filters and views management than about entities count. There are no hard limits, but Fibery may become unresponsive in some cases/views.

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How is Fibery responsiveness affected if there is a large amount of data that is spread over multiple apps/entities? Is it only the quantity in any given view that matters?
To what extent do lookups/formulas cause slow down? Automatic relations?

In general, it is, otherwise, limits are close to millions, since Postgres is pretty fast.

Formulas are async and live in a separate service, Automatic relations are based on formulas. So you may have slow formulas updates for sure, but it will not affect other services. Fibery is quite distributed and eventually consistent.