Deleting entities with nested collections


It would be useful to have the possibility to delete the entity (f.ex. Feature) with all it’s sub-levels or have an option to move them to another entity (of the same level maybe).


Yes, chiming in, I can see a need for both the idea of cascading deletes, and also cascading deactivations, so that board filtering will work effectively. As you use the app over time, you will have a lot of sets of multilevel data, and while you might not want to delete it, there should be a way to flag it somehow.

Client A - Active? [√]
   |__Contract - Active? [√]
         |__SOW - Active? [√]
         |__SOW - Active? [√]
Client B - Active? [x]
   |__Contract - Active? [x]
         |__SOW - Active? [x]
         |__SOW - Active? [x]

But there are also times that, even if you mark an Employee as having left (inactive), you want the entities they created to live on…:

Employee - Active? [x] 
   |__Wiki-Page - Active? [√]
         |__Attachment - Active? [√]