Change "many" to "one" in relation


I’ve seen that from one to many it is supported (CHANGELOG: Apr 27 / My Space (official), Convert to-one relation field → to-many relation field)

What would be the way to change from “many” to “one” ?

I have setup by mistake a few weeks ago a relation from Solution “Big Solution” to itself (Versions), and I’d like to change so that a Version has only one “Big Solution”.

The field direction is locked :

Is there any workaround ?


There’s no way to change an existing relation in that direction, but you can create a new relation and copy paste from table view I suppose.
Or you can write an automation that copies over the entities.

Thanks ! I succeeded with copy-paste from table view but afterwards I had several formulas and automations to update by hand.

This would be helpful if allowed directly when editing the Entity Field, like changing from one to many.

Allowing changing from to-many to to-one is much more challenging than the other way, because it is not possible for Fibery to deduce which of the ‘many’ should become the ‘one’. There’s some gnarly UX/UI issues at play, especially if you wanted to convert m:m to 1:1

What I would suggest here is only to allow this change to to-one if there is only one value in each entity. So for the end user like me the process would be simply

  • check and update the table so that each value is single
  • update the relationship from to-many to to-one

And I only suggest going from m:n to m:1, I don’t have a use case for going to 1:1 (it could be done maybe in a second step)

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