Burnout is the new fibery?

I saw Burnout on product hunt. Is the name changing?

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ah interesting, thanks

very good question.

fibery.io is in reality an rapid creator of integrated app , Thus user can creat an integrayed app ,Thus there is an app engine can make an app too , the fisrst pratical app burnout,so . zoho creator from indian no code too had very large users , they do create mor app , free too for all ,Thus free user allowed is clever positive dea. There are startup problems for all app .there is an need for team to make posible self service rapid learning , a well as the use of good combination of app so that so hours , reay made app not fibery product , well made this point .Thus we all get surprise as new app product is not known to us ,burnout is rapid method sem automated to help make app .Is this is dream , even for many impossible to thinks , but inovative app are the need , thus app create app to reduce less code , but more , better integrations replace 4 app of very big , amous company product trello , confluence , google docs , as they new way of model wiki by many , instead by few collaborative wiki pedia sucess model well proved one .