[APROVED] Color Coding of entire Card/Entity, not just "bar" of color

Hi guys,

I really like the color feature and I’ve been using it extensively with dates to show upcoming due dates, and massively overdue stuff (over a month for example, which is an option).

I’m finding though that the small “bar” of color:

does not give my team quite the effect of being able to see at a glance, in meetings, highlighted cards.

Would you guys consider adding a preference her to color the entire card? So I could choose if I want just the “bar” that is the current option, or the entire card. On this timeline view in particular that I show, sometimes the color is off the screen, so it would be great if the whole entity turned to the requested color, would really add some nice effect to this.



Very much agree here. I didn’t even see the colors the first time I tried them and thought they weren’t working. :smile:


Hey, I know it’s been a while, but this is another of the “daily needs” I have in Fibery. Color-coding of the whole card I think would really give my boards some bang!

Perhaps there could be a setting so you could choose if you want the whole card or just the current “line” we have? Maybe some users would prefer that more subtle aesthetic?

Hoping to see movement on this one!

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This is in our backlog for the future.


I’d like the colour feature in card view to be more obvious. Scanning up and down in a highly-populated card view, it is easy to miss the thin colour bars.

Perhaps you might consider a fuller outline, or an entire colour fill (light shade, such that font contrast isn’t affected too much.

Thanks for considering



I agree. It works well in table view where the entire row changes color. Would be nice to have the same option in other views.

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Thanks for linking @Oshyan , in fact I’m not really sure where this request and mine of [APROVED] Color Coding of entire Card/Entity, not just “bar” of color that you referenced actually differ? I’d be in favor of merging the two and trying to get this more front-and-center, especially as it’s marked “approved”.


The only difference, if I’ve understood correctly, is yours was showing Timeline and this one refers to “Card View” (Kanban, I presume). But in reading your text there, perhaps you just showed that particular example because it has the further issue of sometimes having the color bar not even visible?

Anyway, merging makes sense to me. But not something I can do.

Thank you @Oshyan for the usual attentive analysis of these things!! I 100% would like to see colors in the card view per @HSinger. My post on the other thread is just highlighting another area where better colorizing could help out, as in the timeline view the “line” can disappear. Fibery has a very nice UI, and I think a few tweaks around color could really take it to another level, especially for people that need convincing, or need to get used to Fibery, and this color-coding would achieve a good deal of this. Especially in light of competitors, who have very little effective implementation of color, like Notion or Coda (Roam too, in a big way as color is hard to implement there), or others like ClickUp which has some awkward use of color IMO, although it’s more easy to get at it than these other tools.

And incidentally, I mention ClickUp because they are clearly headed down the road of the atomic element being an “entity” like in Fibery, vs. a “task” as is currently the case. For those interested (@Oshyan you commented on Clickup of late…), I’m referring to their big announcement of a 3.0 version soon, and also just look at these items on their roadmap and tell me they are not trying at least to go more “generic” with the atomic element and generally attack Fibery-like features…

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Wanted to jump back in there and bump up this important need, also request @Chr1sG or another admin to merge with [APROVED] Color Coding of entire Card/Entity, not just “bar” of color, to reiterate that request (mine) is exactly the same as this one, I just used the timeline example but I’m after the color coding of the “full” entity everywhere. That request has 4 votes and I think it would be useful to get these together as based on the comments here this is a popular request.


Now merged :slightly_smiling_face:


Great, thanks!

@B_Sp @Chr1sG

Great thread on color applications. I have a variant to add/request, similar to y’alls prior discussions:

  • Color coding of the entire table item/task/entry when in a Calendar view. Viewing calendars would be greatly improved if the whole bar / entry could be colored, similar to GCal or other colored-blocks


@Chr1sG - do you / the solutions team have any thoughts or plans on the ability to incorporate color coding into the calendar view?


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AFAIK there’s nothing planned for the short-term I’m afraid.

Was writing my own feature request for this and found my way here. Big ol’ color blocks ftw :rainbow:

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