[APPROVED] Attach Files to Docs

Hi guys, this may be another obvious one, but wanted to post and also see if the community upvotes this…

As I move along in Fibery, I can see that in many cases I’d like to attach a file - ideally even embed with a view - into a Doc, not just an Entity. Things like Software Build requirements, SOP’s, etc. So just wanted to put this out there in case it wasn’t already imminent…



I agree, and I think the File Attachment/Upload functionality needs to be a lot more flexible in general. Files should perhaps ideally be able to stand alone or be uploaded directly into a folder with a tree view. Maybe the Fibery team want to avoid people storing too much in the system, but I do think this would be very useful.

Also useful if there are multiple types of stand-alone file links that can show up in the left menu and be part of the “tree”: file uploads along with links to individual Google Docs or whole GDrive folders, Dropbox, etc. Treat them all as if they are “files” in a file manager as far as how they are represented. And pop-up a view of them in a viewer/previewer when clicked.

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I just want to stress, from a user retention and “stickiness” perspective, how valuable this could be. It really makes it easier for people to never leave Fibery. :smiley:

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This is an extremely useful feature that is in apps like Wrike, etc. and I’d get great use of this!

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