Allow adding hyperlinks to text within Whiteboard elements

It’s very useful to be able to insert “Cards” into a Whiteboard which can be clicked to open them. Thus we can build a visual map containing links to various Fibery entities and views.

But while the text within other Whiteboard elements has some rudimentary formatting capabilities, we cannot create hyperlinks :disappointed_relieved:

It would be very useful if we could add hyperlinks to any text in Whiteboard elements – Shapes, Sticky Notes, etc. Then we could extend this useful ability to also include links to non-Fibery web pages.

Hey @Matt_Blais , I agree that it would be great to add hyperlinks to the whiteboard, but you can already add cards to entities and views (not DBs annoyingly, it seems to bug out if you try) and a double click opens up the entity or view.

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