Add mailto hyperlinks to email address fields, opens with default client

While we are waiting for the Email integration for CRM use feature to be implemented, would it make sense for the email address to be clickable via the mailto approach?

So basically the currently text email address of would become: and look like this:

So when you click the email / link it will automatically open your default email client, with the destination email address pre-filled.

I’m not sure I get the problem. When I use an email field, the entry is clickable and does launch my email client, prefilled with the address.
What am I not getting? :thinking:

Huh that’s odd because on my end the email field is not clickable (tested on Chrome and Edge) but the URL field is.


Ah yes, I see.
It is clickable from within the entity view, but not from Table view, which is weird.
We should fix this.