Ability to hide some fields in the entity card

For example, I do not need to view some fields in the entity card (mostly it’s calculated fields), because there are used only in the list or in reports.


I agree that this is something that would be useful and I assume not super complicated. I end up with a lot of calculated fields to use for filtering within views, which are more complicated than the filtering supports. These calculated fields aren’t really ever needed to be shown and end up being a bit overwhelming for new users. There have been a couple other threads with similar topics to reference and “heart” as well.

Some customizations of entity view, hiding unused fields

Individual Layouts for a node, hide fields etc


I wholeheartedly agree. I would love to see this feature request implemented!

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Glad you brought this up @Stepan_Galkin! Since this is basically a duplication of the requests @rothnic quoted, could you please be sure to “heart” those as well? There’s no clear way to know if the Fibery team is counting your request alongside those, so it would be great to get your “heart” of support to leave no doubt!

…and I can’t help but mention yet again that we have here another example of fragmented requests in this community that an organized voting / request tracking approach would solve, right @Oshyan?