2FA Authentication?

Any chance of adding 2FA to Fibery?
I think I saw Okta in the WIP - might this include 2FA or other authentication features?

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SAML SSO support (including Okta) is indeed a work in progress.

As a nice side effect, we’ll add an option to enable/disable authentication methods per workspace. So you’ll be free to turn off email and Microsoft auth leaving only Google active, for example. Turn on 2FA in your Google org – and you’ll have de-facto 2FA in Fibery.

This is not a native 2FA but we hope it’s a start :slight_smile:

@Chr1sG, do you think this would work for you?

We don’t use Google for our email hosting, so I guess we’d have to migrate for that to work for us.
(or we could ask people to set up a shadow Google email address just for logging into Fibery, but that might make notifications sub-optimal).

Hm, that doesn’t sound good…
Unfortunately, a native 2FA is certainly out of the scope of the current feature. But we’ll continue to collect cases with self-hosted email + no SAML SSO + 2FA desired. If the demand is there, we’ll add the native 2FA.

Fair enough. I just wasn’t sure what the Okta stuff was all about - I’d never heard of it before.
Just FYI, we are probably more likely to migrate to O365 for our email hosting than to Google - is it possible/likely that 2FA could be added to the Microsoft login method?